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Weeping mandragoras and birthing scorpions

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Location:BC, Canada
Maldoror_Chant is NOT directly based on Les Chant de Maldoror (Lautréamont) which I had to read some 30 years ago for my Baccalauréat. It is based on "Les Dingues et Les Paumés" by Hubert Felix Thiefaine.

Les dingues et les paumés jouent avec leurs manies / The loons and the lost play with their manias
Dans leurs chambres blindées, leurs fleurs sont carnivores/ In their panic rooms, their flowers eat flesh
Et quand leurs monstres crient trop près de la sortie,/ And when their monsters scream too close to the exit
Ils accouchent des scorpions et pleurent des mandragores / They birth scorpions and weep mandragora
Ce sont des loups frileux au bras d´une autre mort, / They are shivering wolves in the arms of another death
Piétinant dans la boue les dernières fleurs du mal / Trampling the last flowers of evil into the mud
Ils ont cru s´enivrer des chants de Maldoror / they thought themselves drunk on the Chants of Maldoror
Et maintenant, ils s´écroulent dans leur ombre animale./ and now they crumble into their animal shadow.

The above says everything about me that needs to be known.
(Well, to summarize: I am French/English, English being my main tongue now; I like weird shite, I write pretty weird shite, I'm older than your average breadbox and I'm not big on sharing personal details beyond that)

NOTE: My stuff is LBGTQetc friendly, if this offends you in any way, please read something else.

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anime, bd française, biking, board games, classic sci-fi and fantasy, dark city, darkwave/industrial, ds9/b5, hannah fury, manga, thiefaine, video games, writing
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